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Is the future of bees in the City?

Who's looking after your Water


Farm Plan?

Destructive Agriculture & Your WATER:

On Thursday February 26th, the SENS presentation will confirm why it's crucial for communities to look after their water and have a say about the agriculture we allow in our community.*

Even farms that are under the 'Environmental Farm Plan' can cause severe long term water pollution - Come hear what has happened to a whole community in Spallumcheen due to a factory dairy, and find out if, and how, citizens can protect their own water.

7:00 PM at the Schubert Centre, 3505 30^th Avenue in Vernon,

On the GMO Front:

  1. US approve GM non-browning apple


    Although not approved in Canada, this apple is engineered by 'Okanagan Specialty Fruits'. If approved by Canadian regulators, this would be the second GM fruit on the market anywhere in the world, after a US-grown papaya, and it would be the first GM fruit grown in Canada.

  2. Approvals of genetically engineered trees

    (ttp:// just over our border could put Canada's forest ecosystems at risk. The loblolly pine is grown in the US southeast but what forest trees could the US government approve next? PS: Despite warnings from scientists, Canada continues to permit field tests of transgenic forest trees. (
  3. Glyphosate worst threat than GM crops

    ( ?

    According to Tony Mitra, Glyphosate is a greater health risk, proven, than GMO. Glyphosate combined with vaccine additives make a drastically more dangerous cocktail of poison. Glyphosate is in more things than just our food, and is killing more than just humans. Glyphosate is now being used even on non-GMO crops as desiccant, so it is expected to have higher concentration on non-GMO food than even on GMO crops. Lastly, without Glyphosate, a majority of the GMO (roundUp ready crops) will automatically die off. IN other words, eradicating GMO will not stop Glyphosate, but eradicating Glyphosate will more or less kill the largest swatch of GMO. So, at least in my view, Glyphosate is to be the primary target of my energy. The only thing worse is, 2,4-D is coming, together with Glyphosate and smart stacks.

    'Dr. Vrain agrees: ' “The problem may not be GMO's, but rather the RoundUp that comes with it”

Copyright © 2015 Bee SAFE, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email as a supporter of agriculture that is safe for the bees, and for people, without GMO and without Pesticides. Our mailing address is: Bee SAFE 130 Shuswap River Drive Lumby, BC V0E 2G6 Canada

With the growing presence of urban beekeeping there is hope for bees. The environment in cities are changing. They are leading the North American wave to provide healthy environments. Cities addressed issues of the time more responsibly than provincial and federal governments. This is likely due to to main political factors of local governments. Lack of party politics and the ability to it citizens to see and respond to actions of the government.

Our mentoring program will help you bee a better urban beekeeper. Click Mentoring for more information. We have three hive styles developed from our bee breeding system.

  • The standard Langstroth hive.
  • Our x frame hive.
  • Our 1/4 frame hive.

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